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Thurs. March 5
10 chapters

Mon. March 9
10 chapters

This is our basic guideline. However, because the book is so short, it would be better if we went and read just for what we needed. For example, this week we're talking about setting (3/2) so we need to read the first couple of chapters to get a setting idea. When we do plot, we should be about halfway done with the book. We could go along those basic lines if that makes sense.

That makes sense. I'm already done with the book, so it doesn't matter that much to me.
Organizer- Kenza

Unity for our Wiki

I think that all of our font should be Palatino Lynotype, because all of our font is that right now. The book cover is in shades of gray-blue and green. So, the colors of our wiki will be in those shades. We will put a background on our wikis to make them more colorful and interesting. Those are our plans for our wiki. The dark blue color is (#1C4A6E) and the light green color is (#6CA781).

Ok, so here are some ideas for original media (feel free to add on). We could use the newspaper generator, wordle, or voicethread. We could make our own movie, or draw are own pictures in paint or scan something in. We could also read a passage aloud from the book. -Courtney :D

I believe Marissa is trying to put a voice recording on the setting or plot page. - Kenza :p