The story begins when Lena moves to Chauncey, Ohio with her dad. Marie is at first very put off by this new girl, but the two soon begin to get to know each other at school, and they eventually become friends. Over time, they become close and begin to spend a lot of time together, despite what other people think of their inter-ratial friendship. One day Lena shares her big secret with Marie. Marie is shocked by this news and concerned for her friend. Lena and Marie start to spend even more time together. Marie and her father also met Marie's sister, Dion. Lena's situation began to worsen, and Marie stays with her, trying to help. One day Lena suddenly tells Marie that if her situatin gets any worse she and Dion will leave. Marie finds something that brings shocking news to everyone. Will Lena run away? What will she do? Can she ever escape her bad situation? To find out more , read I Hadn't Meant To Tell You This by Jacqueline Woodson.

Our story has no clear-cut climax. It is divided between two major climaxes, and several smaller ones. The two we will describe here are the two major ones of the story. The first is when Lena tells Marie her big secret. This happens less than halfway through the book, but it is still a major event. This secret breaks the ice for the two girls, and they become closer friends. It tightens the bond between them and brings them closer together. Marie really starts to worry about Lena, because her secret is not a good one. She is drawn between keeping the secret and telling someone else the truth so it can be helped. She doesn't tell anyone, though, because she wants to be a good friend. To find out Lena's "Big Secret" read the book.

The next climax in the story is at the very end of the book. Even though it is at the end, it is still considered a climax because it has a dramatic effect on Marie's life. Her world comes crashing down on top of her. This climax is when Lena leaves with her little sister. I can't tell you under what circumstances she has to leave, but she does. It really leaves Marie torn. She misses Lena, and at the same time she's worried about her. It is really one of the most important moments of the book. So, there you have it. Those are the climaxes the are the most relevant. If you have read the book, do you agree or disagree? Let us know by commenting on the discussion board. Thank you.

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