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This story takes place in Chauncey, Ohio, in the 90's. The town is divided into a white community and a black community. The Hocking River divides the poor white people from the rich black people. There are pretty much three main settings that the story takes place in. Since the story focuses on two girls, one setting is at each of the girls' neighborhoods, and the third setting is at the school, where the girls were first brought together.

Lena's neighborhood is rundown, small and dirty. Everything is falling apart, or already broken, old toys sit out rotting in the sun from when the inhabitants of this neighborhood could once afford to purchase them. Imagine being there and smelling garbage (she lives right next to the dump) and hearing babies cry, hoping that their mothers will come home and feed them. Food was treat in these homes, seconds were not usually given. You can feel and see the houses that are broken, falling apart, dust sinking deeper into their walls, and looking like one gust of wind could blow it over. You would always feel uncomfortable in these homes, you would never feel safe, or happy.
"On weekends I walked pass the dump to where the long-forgotten housing development Lena had once pointed out to me sat crumbling, and wondered which of the single-story houses with their cracked windows and peeling paint was hers." (Woodson pg. 59)
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Marie's neighborhood is on the other end of the spectrum. It is clean, fancy, and well-kept. If you walked through the neighborhood, you would smell fresh cut grass, or the leftover scent of a barbecue one of their neighbors had thrown. Their food would taste delicious, healthy, and fresh, in your mouth, and it would make your mouth water. You would hear laughter from children and adults alike down the streets. You could see the well- dressed children playing in their yards, and feel the strong, sturdy, well- built houses on the block. It would be a nice place to live, you would always feel safe, and never worry. Her house, just like all the others in her neighborhood, would be perfect, no flaws, just the perfect all American home. "My father liked to do carpentry in his spare time, and he had transformed our kitchen into something out of House and Garden magazine. I had helped him take up the wood floor and lay down gray slate. An oak island separated one half of the kitchen from the other, and copper pots hung on silver hooks from the ceiling above it. Daddy had knocked out the fourth wall of the kitchen and replaced it with sliding glass doors so that we could have a view of our garden while we cooked and ate." (Woodson pg. 62)
"Soon after the last Chauncey person was moved, the government came in again and inspected the land... This is where the blacks come in... They had picnics by the river. They took slow walks into the woods and picked the spot of land on which they'd build their homes. Slowly Chauncy was transformed into an all-black suburb. Stores moved here... Chauncey Middle and Chauncey High were built." (Woodson pg. 3)

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Finally, the school. It is a rather large school , and their are many kids. You can always hear voices of students throughout the halls. You can smell their cafeteria food left over from lunch. I bet if you tasted their cafeteria food, it would taste pretty good. You could see, however, the segregation of the school. It's almost all African-American, and only a few white kids. This school would also feel sturdy and well built, and the African-American kids would feel better in this school than the white kids. Not to mention this school has an unbelievable basketball team!

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